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Wet Hot American Summer

So, you go into this movie thinking you are going to see a standard teenage romance comedy set in that most cliche of places, the summer camp. But something seems a little off from the get go, a little unbalanced. Set in an early 80s Jewish summer camp, Wet Hot American Summer stars Janeane Garofalo, David Hyde Pierce, Michael Showalter, and plenty of other comically old actors playing teenagers searching for that perfect summer romance… or at least summer hook up as they interact in a summer camp while paying little attention to their wards.


Wet Hot American Summer is a satire, a parody, and a cult hit, and watching this movie will make you wonder what exactly you just saw. If Robert Frost took the road less taken, this movie decided to jump off a cliff instead. You have all the cliche characters- the beautiful and shallow, the clueless and immature, the lovestruck and pining, the athletic, the crude, and lumped on top of that are some hilarious characters who form their own subplots that are one of the main attractions to this film. I would describe Wet Hot American Summer as a smorgasbord, I’m just not sure what of.


Just an example of the insanity that awaits viewers of this comedy

There are many stories in this film, most of which revolve around that summer romance, so fleeting yet so powerful. Not all of the characters are looking for love though- some have less noble romantic intentions in mind, which is understandable for hormone crazed teenagers.Even the camp councilor is looking for love, and she spots quite the catch in the form of a rather nerdy man who has plenty of brains to make up for his lack of social skills… a match made in the heavens? Wet Hot American Summer thrives on taking cliche situations and pushing them to the breaking point until they become mockeries of themselves… and then adding a dose of insanity.


She’s not exactly looking to get married

I’ll be honest, Wet Hot American Summer will not be for everyone. It’s comedy is a little in the genre of Airplane, but less focused on witticism while keeping all of the unpredictability. One thing is for certain, Wet Hot American Summer is original, and if you want to try something a little oddball it could be the comedy for you.


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