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waiting-r-rated-comedyWant to watch the best comedy about restaurants and dead end jobs? Well if you have ever worked in either, then you should check out Waiting.
Representatives of the front of house

I love this movie. It’s about how shitty it is working in a restaurant, and what happens behind the scenes. While grossly exaggerated, if you have ever worked in a restaurant, this movie will ring true. We have Dean (Justin Long) who has been a waiter for 4 years and is starting to feel trapped. The rest of the cast are the characters that fill any restaurant- once you get past the polished front of house, you have the misfits, social outcasts, and otherwise awesome kitchen staff. I’m not saying all kitchen workers are the same, as I have worked with some really stand up guys, but I’ve also worked with some people who put the Waiting staff to shame for sheer craziness.

Front of house:

Dean (Justin Long) our protagonist, directionless.

Monty (Ryan Reynolds) womanizer

Dan (David Koechner) the douchbag manager

Naomi (Alanna Ubach) tough as nails jaded waitress

Back of house:

Raddamus (Luiz Guzman) Crazy in that funny way, he is the head chef

T DOG and NICK the gangster busboys (white as hell)
And two of my favourites from the back of house

“Waiting” is funny, but it also has themes of figuring out what the hell to do with your life. Oh, and it has “the penis game”. I’m not going to ruin anything, just watch this movie for yourself. The waiters gossip incessantly, and the kitchen staff do anything to keep themselves entertained. Kitchen industry is stressful, and everyone and everybody feels like they can shit on you as you work. “Waiting” shows how people deal with stress, and it has every restaurant workers fantasies inside. It’s got characters who entertain, a decent plot, and plenty of great moments.

Waiting is full of low brow humour without dumbing down the film. If you have ever worked a restaurant or want to know what it is like, check out Waiting, and you’ll see why it’s on my best comedies list.

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