Top 5 Drinking Comedies

great-drinking-movieWe all know that getting drunk leads to some ridiculous situations, so it’s a no-brainer that there are going to be some top comedy movies about drinking. Drinking comedies often have fighting, sex, and nudity, and that’s no coincidence. Here’s the top 5 drinking comedies to watch while having a couple (or a lot of) beer.


#5 Animal House
In the fifth spot is Animal House. College is a place for partying and drinking, and that’s exactly what Animal House is full of. What do you do when you can’t get into the popular frat? You join the most awesome frat on campus, of course. Got a stunning cast, a hell of a lot of drinking, and all around great times. Click the title to read a more in-depth review of this classic.

#4 The Legend of the Drunken Master
The more he drinks, the better he gets.

Jackie Chan is a legend, and this movie has him when he’s young. He plays a young martial artist who has to defend some precious artifacts, using his trademark “drunken master” style of fighting. Warning- this movie may provoke drunken kung-fu fights, so make sure to watch it in a safe environment.

#3 Old School
Ah, the glory days- so many blurred memories

This movie is about a bunch of mid-30s dudes who want to regain their carefree youth- and what better way to do it than to get a party house near a college? Featuring all the drinking and partying of college, with none of the learning, this movie is an awesome drinking comedy. You’ve got a stellar performance by Will Ferrel as “Frank the Tank”, who is the life of the party. One of the most entertaining comedy movies of all time.

#2 Beerfest
Ain’t no party like a BEERFEST

If you make a list of drinking comedies and don’t include Beerfest, you are too drunk to be writing. This movie is about a group of Americans who discover the dark underworld of competitive drinking- BEERFEST. They lose badly to some dastardly Germans, and have to regain their honor by forming a team and training like mad. How do you train for a beer drinking contest? Drinking beer, of course. These guys party their way across the world.

#1 The Hangover

Even if you can’t remember it, it still happened.

This one is a drinking movie gone wrong. We get front row seats watching a bunch of friends dealing with the aftereffects of a night of drinking gone horribly wrong- as in they had a bachelor party, and woke up without the groom. This one just barely beats out Beerfest, and only because it’s such an awesome comedy. This movie has more than just drinking- it’s got tigers, missing teeth, strippers, and Mike Tyson.

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