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The Wedding Singer

the-wedding-singer-pg13-comedyThe Wedding Singer is on my list of top comedies because it puts a smile on my face whenever I remember it.

Protip: Women love a good serenade

If you like to see goofy characters trying desperately to find happiness who go up against jerk after jerk, this comedy is for you. Adam Sandler is Robbie, a wedding singer and Julia, played by Drew Barrymore, is the beautiful girl who works as a waitress when he sings. Julia is the sweet girl that Robbie should be with- but standing in the way is her jerk of a fiancee and the flaky broad that Robbie is engaged to. The Wedding Singer follows the rule for romance- things have to get bad before they get good! Throughout the ups and downs (even sometimes more so in the downs) this movie is full of laughs.

If you are looking for top comedies, well, if you want to remember a time before Adam Sandler sucked, this PG-13 comedy movie is for you. I wouldn’t see some of his new films (Jack and Jill) if you paid me. He plays a character that you can really related and root for, and when he hits bad times, you feel for him- but they make the good times oh so much better.

My favorite scene is when he sings at a Bar Mitzvah… honestly, you gotta watch this movie yourself… you’ll see why it deserves a place on my list of best comedies to watch!

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