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The Edge of Seventeen

Upcoming 2016 Comedy: Release Date November 18, 2016


Starring Hailee Steinfold, Woody Harrelson, and Kyra Sedgwick, this high school comedy pits a common theme of outcasts vs insiders and adds in betrayal of best friends. This comedy seems very true to its poster. It really digs into the feelings of being a high school student, with the pressures, emotions, parties, and constant worrying about social standings. The main character has a real Aubrey Plaza vibe (Think April from Parks and Rec).

It does look a bit cliche in part, just from the trailer. The fact that it has an R rating means that the dialogue is a little more realistic to how people actually talk when they are in high school than some other high school movies that. If you want a decent looking high school comedy and a coming of age tail, this one shows promise.

If you don’t like plot outlines, then at this point you should decide – hey, this looks like a good upcoming comedy and stop reading!

Brief plot blurb:

Highschool loser has a popular older brother.

The Edge of Seventeen Official Trailer

If you want to get a feel for this movie, watch until about 1:32. If you keep watching after that, you get more plot points than should probably be given out in a trailer. That’s not really the fault of The Edge of Seventeen. It’s a common trend in movie trailers lately to give a whole bunch of details, and if you’re someone like me who prefers to not know too much about the movie they are going into and be surprised, my advice again is to watch until just over 1:30.

If you like to know more details, the writer/director is Kelly Fremon Craig. She is quite unknown, having only writing “Post Grad”, a Rom Com about a recent college graduate, and a short film about a college co-ed who’s body image issues make the choice over whether or not she should join others in a naked run around campus.

What I am getting at is that while Kelly Fremon Craig doesn’t have a lot of experience in major films, she has found a niche (high school and college) and is sticking with it.

This upcoming comedy movie looks like it’s worth a watch! 

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