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One thing I have to say about Swingers, they use the word “Baby” about a million times. Second thing I have to say about Swingers, is it’s a really funny movie.

swingers-r-rated-comedyEasily one of the best comedies of 1996, Swingers is about the guy we all know- the guy who just can’t stop thinking about his ex. It’s like he’s stuck in a pit, and instead of looking for a ladder or a way out, he just thinks about her all day. His name is Mike, played by Jon Favreau, and he the quintessential nice guy. Luckily, or unluckily, he has a friend who happens to be quite the player. Trent, played by Vince Vaughn, is the guy who gets the girl every time. He knows the perfect cure for getting Mike out of the pit of despair- take him to an ever darker pit, Las Vegas. Where Trent is suave and confident, Mike is bumbling and awkward, riding on his coattails. This movie is a study of the male physique, as they go from party to bar to party in the search of “babies”. If you can get “babies” then you are “money”. It’s an awesome movie, and these guys can act. Swingers is a great R rated comedy about a down-on his luck chuck and his friends who try to get him back into the game.

What did I learn from Swingers? Apparently if you want to get girls, you shouldn’t respect them. This movie was like reading one of those horrible pick up artist books or reading “ten things girls don’t want girls to know about, but secretly do” that have been rehashed for years and years and years with tips like “Sometimes, girls are too silly to know if they like you or not, so if you wait to call her and she feels disappointed, she knows she likes you. If you call too soon, she won’t know if she likes you or not!” and “Make sure to make fun of her so she knows that you are a confident guy who is great in bed! Point out physical imperfections and laugh at her dress style!”. Also, pro tip: if you are looking for casual sex, it’s probably best not to spill your heart out about your past traumas and heartaches. Instead of casual sex, you might accidentally make a supportive friend! Whoops, that would be horrible! On the other hand, mostly you would just end up creeping girls out.

I also learned from Swingers that if you want to get girls, you can’t look at them directly and you need a nice car. Who knew! This movie also seemed like an advertisement for Glenfiddich, these guys bring it up every couple minutes. Glenfiddich, Glenfiddich, Glen fucking fiddich. So apparently when you drink whiskey, you’re supposed to let all the air out of your mouth and then take a tiny sip, let it sit, then take a larger sip. Don’t know if that’s bullshit, my friend swears by it but I think it’s a mix of maybe working and the good ol’ placebo effect.

These guys are pure “Money”

I had a laugh looking at the video games back in the day. Video games have changed so much, so quickly- I’m truly excited for the future. Did you guys see that Tupac hologram? Bet there’s going to be holograph video games pretty soon. It was cool seeing the bachelor pad of one of them… reservoir dogs poster, Foosball, a guitar… can’t wait for one of those. I mean, these guys are bros to the highest degree. Pretty great life. I do like movies where the main characters aren’t doctors and lawyers, they are fuck ups just like you and me! Swingers was a nostalgic movie for me, because the interactions are real interactions- interactions about movies and that just came out, and standard dissing and bro talk.

Swingers is not a stupid film, which is great. I don’t mind dumb comedies, but it’s nice to have one where I feel like I can learn a bit from them, or at least experience something that is not so… formulaic and bland, like most of the big hits that are cranked out for big box office. In short, Swingers is one of the best comedies of 1996, check it out yourself.

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