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Super Troopers

Somewhere in Vermont, there is a stretch of highway kept safe by some of America’s best, most heroic men- those police officers who patrol the highways keeping us safe from speeders, dealers, and vagabonds. These brave souls risk life and limb to keep the roads humming along for law abiding citizens when a devastating crime rocks their tight knit community and sends them spiraling into a jurisdictional showdown with their rivals, the Local Police.  Course, this isn’t exactly a crime drama…

Super Trooper Comedy Movie

The rivalry between the two divisions gets a little heated…

These so called Super Troopers spend more time messing with any hapless soul they can than doing real police work. From harassing drug addled teenagers to fighting of the advances of sex crazed Germans, nothing is out of the ordinary for the Super Troopers, who could probably make their quota of tickets and arrests if they didn’t turn a blind eye to each others misdemeanors. These guys take cop work about as seriously as I take competitive knitting. And hell, people have been known to lose an eye competitive knitting.

Super Troopers R Rated Comedy

They sure are super.

The maple syrop chugging bunch of characters include the horrible Farva, who is pretty much the worst thing ever. This mustachioed lump of lard is cruel and petty, and instead of shenanigans his pranks are downright evil.  He’s a hot dog scarfing hot head with a fat saturated brain, but at the same time is a very tragic character. He hears “Shut up Farva!” at least thrice a day and has never gotten an ounce of respect in all his years.

Super Troopers Farva Eating Hot Dogs

Farva scarfing down his 6th hot dog of the day

Throughout the conflict between the Highway and Local Police forces, romance blossoms between a male member of Highway and a gorgeous rookie female. Though this movie portrays sexism in a humorous light, it is not a stretch of the imagination to understand that sexism runs rampant in this male dominated career.


It’s always nice to see a strong female role, and this one bears the brunt of rampant sexism stoically.

Oh, and someone gets tasered right in the penis.

Super Troopers is a classic R rated comedy. It never slows down and the characters are all well thought out and funny. All in all, it’s a really solid comedy and definitely one of the best comedies of 2001.



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