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Step Brothers

step-brothers-r-rated-will-ferrell-comedyStep Brothers has a place on my list of top comedies because I enjoyed watching 2 middle age children trying to find their lot in life. Mostly because one of them was Will Ferrell. It may not be Ferrel’s best movie, but his energy keeps it humming along from one zany situation to the next.
Will Ferrell being awesome, as usual

I’m going to go ahead and recommend Step Brothers. This film is about two middle-aged men who still live at home. When their parents get married, they end up living in the same house, and soon get a sort of rivalry going. Anyways, it’s basically a sort of slapstick/buddy/coming of age comedy starring Will Ferrell (awesome) and John C. Reilly as the two brothers. As you can probably guess, the parents are not especially thrilled to be sharing their home with the rambunctious “youngsters”.
Aww, they grow up so darn fast

So, the dad is pretty darn successful, and he basically whips them into shape (kicking and screaming, of course), over the course of the movie. I’m not going to lie and say this movie is going to change your life, make you feel any deep emotions, or even really make you think. It’s just a funny movie about two “grown ups” who are really children, trying to figure out their lot in life. It’s got Will Ferrell, who’s always great, and Reilly is no slouch either as his counterpart. If you like comedies with slapstick, stupid jokes, and feuding family dynamics, then Step Brothers has a place in your list of top comedies to watch.

Oh it’s also hot it’s fair share of gross-out jokes- consider yourself warned… Step Brothers is not for faint of heart or the sensitive, that’s for sure!

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