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scream-horror-comedyI stuck Scream on my list of top comedies because even though it’s a horror movie, it’s a parody of a horror movie.

So Check out Scream- if you are looking for a horror as well as a comedy. Now Scream is a different take on a comedy movie, because it works equally (if not even more so) as well as a horror movie as it does as a comedy. I almost have trouble recommending it as a comedy considering that it has so much… well… killing and suspense. So if that is your cup of tea, then Scream is for you! It’s got plenty of laughs along the way, although sometimes you will feel a bit sad at yourself for laughing, considering the subject manner. The killer has the iconic Scream mask, that you will have seen on kids at Halloween.

The characters are a mix of high school students, from the geeky movie nerd, to our main character and hero, the troubled Sidney (Neve Campbell), and you also have the rather unconcerned-with-ethics journalist, played by Courtney Cox, who is gleeful at having such a story to report, and an awkward sheriff deputy called Dewey (Arquette). Of course, the geeky movie nerd is able to bring his thoughts in on the horror genre which this movie so deftly satirizes. The fact that this movie doesn’t degenerate into a boring gore-fest is one of the main reason it makes my list of top comedies.

I do have to recommend this movie as one of my top comedies, however, because it is really enjoyable. It’s the story of a killer who takes his queues from the stereotypes of horror movies. It’s fun when you watch the movie to think back to all the cheesy horrors you have seen, because the lessons you learn from them will let you predict some of what is going to happen in Scream. And it’s funny to watch as the characters realize that they can expect the killer to follow some “rules” of the genre, and how they react and adapt to “win” at the game that the killer lays out.

This movie is not exactly for the faint of heart, and it’s going to have probably more slasher elements than comedic elements, but I am still recommending it as a comedy because it satirizes the whole horror genre in quite a clever way that does bode well for laughs and enjoyment. Check out scream if you are thinking you might want a horror with some humour to cut the edge, or if you want to see a smart take on the whole horror genre.

Feel free to yell at me about how Scream is a horror and not a comedy in the comments below!

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