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Rush Hour

rush-hour-best-pg13-action-comedy-1998Rush Hour is a wild ride of an action comedy, and gets a place on my list of the best comedies because Jackie Chan is straight up amazing. God damn I love his fight scenes.

Rush hour comedy film jackie chanLike KUNG FU? Who doesn’t! Check out Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Rush Hour. This comedy has classic Jackie Chan action sequences and well… the silly humour that Chris Tucker is known for. Jacki Chan is cool and competent, and Chris Tucker is out of his element and acts as a sort of comic relief sidekick throughout the movie. The two are detectives who are trying to track down a crime boss, recover artifacts Indiana Jones style, and of course get the girl. This PG-13 comedy is basically a buddy film about Chris Tucker as the incompetent comic relief while Jackie Chan beats down all who stray into his fists of fury.

Nothing too heavy here, just some great action scenes and easy laughs. It’s great to laugh at Chris Tucker as James Carter, who is annoying and arrogant as usual. You will probably want to punch him in the face at some point in this movie. Don’t worry, he gets punched in the face. Him getting punched in the face is probably why this movie is on my list of best comedies to watch. As well, there are plenty of Jackie Chan’s famous fight scenes, which are full of both action and humour.

If you want to watch a comedy, and you are a Jackie Chan fan (that rhymes) then check out Rush Hour 1. Guaranteed to be better than it’s sequels, that’s for sure.

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