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Pirate Radio

pirate-radio-comedy-dramaWhen you are looking for top comedies, sometimes you want a movie to watch that is a wee bit off the beaten track.

Pirate radio is an r rated comedy, AKA the boat that rocked.

Want to revisit the era of rock and roll? Check out Pirate Radio. The scene is the high seas of the 1960s, where the British government has decided that rock and roll is obscene and must be shut down. In response, pirate radio stations which work outside of the realm of government emerge, to bring what the listeners want- Rock and roll baby! How does the best pirate radio station operate? On a boat!

The crew is a motley bunch of off-key characters, as you might imagine for a bunch of music lovers who dedicated themselves towards providing rock and roll to the masses… from a boat. The interactions of the crew are where the humour comes from, as we learn more about them and the relationships they have. 17 year old Cark (Tom Sturridge) is thrust into this surreal world after being expelled from school. For him, it is a coming of age journey, as the crew brings him in as one of their one. This movie makes the list of top comedies because of the cast of characters who are in a rather strange situation- it’s great to watch how things play out.

The boat lives up to it’s reputation, with sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Hoffman is a great actor, and he shines as “The Count”. It you want to watch R rated comedies, and you want something smart, fun, and full of camaraderie, Pirate Radio is the movie for you. It runs a little long at 2 hours, but there are some great moments that make this a worthwhile movie, and it’s hard to find another comedy with characters that share such a common bond of camaraderie despite their differences. One of my favourites on my list of top comedies, but also a movie that I think you can only watch once every couple of years because of the length.

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