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Pineapple Express

pineapple-express-movie-poster-2008-best-rated-r-comedyIf you like stoner comedies, you are down for a wild ride when you sit down with Pineapple Express. Witness Seth Rogen in all his unassuming glory as Dale Detton, a pothead and process server who gets high on the job until he witnesses and murder… and guess what? The killers might be after him next…
Ah, if only this could last

Saul Silver (played by James Franco), is Denton’s drug dealer- and somehow he gets dragged into the whole mess for some crazy hijinks. Police cars, weed, guns, weed, explosions, weed, hilariousness abounds in this stupidly good movie. It’s basically a movie about watching two high, stupid dogs being lost in a jungle full of killers and jaguars trying to get them at every turn. A lot of stoner comedies tend to be slower paced, as weed tends to make people very relaxed- now imagine 2 stoned, out of it characters put in the most stressful situation ever where their actions literally mean life or death for them, and it’s not hard to see why Pineapple Express is such a great movie.

Sounds good to me! Definitely one of the best stoner movies yet.

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