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Old School

Old School Drinking Comedy Review

What do you do when life gives you trouble in your mid thirties?

old-school-r-rated-drinkingAnswer: get a party house by a college and relive the glory days. That’s what happens in Old School, where a group of 30 something friends get back to their party roots in this hilarious movie. Things start out great with casual sex, binge drinking and other college pastimes, but they run afoul of an old childhood acquaintance who turns out to be the dean of the college, and will do anything to shut down their awesome party house.



Old School comedy drinking movie list


The best part of the movie? Will Ferrell as Frank the Tank. God damn I love Will Ferrell, everything he touches turns to pure comedic gold, and he is at his best when he plays crazy, larger than life characters like Frank the Tank. Also: Snoop Dogg makes an appearance in this movie. Can you go wrong with Snoop? Answer: no.

If you’ve ever drank before, you know that alcohol can lead to some pretty entertaining situations. That’s exactly what happens in Old School, with everything from streaking to beer bongs, and lots more.

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