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The Naked Gun: From The Files Of Police Squad!

the-naked-gun-movie-poster-pg13-1988Looking for top comedies that have a nice slapstick element?

I have to admit, I watched the Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad a while back, but I remember it being hilarious, in a stupid way. It’s got Leslie Nielsen starring as Lieutenant Frank Drebin, who is as klutzy and ineffectual as he is funny.

I’m a real detective! Look at my badge!

This movie is not rocket science. If you like puns, slapstick humour and gags, then this is the movie for you. Frank Drebin is not the greatest cop in the world, but what he lacks in hand eye co-ordination and intelligence he makes up for with pure, blind luck. The movie is quick paced, and won’t leave you with boring scenes- just pure, unadulterated easy going comic fun. If you are asking yourself, “What comedy should I watch tonight?”, well, this movie is perfect to watch with friends who appreciate the simple things in life, or alone if you want to be able to laugh at stupid jokes really loud without embarrassing yourself. If you don’t take things too serious, this is the comedy for you!

This one is on my list of top comedies probably because I have kind of a silly sense of humour.

Ha check it out.

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