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Mystery Men

Mystery Men Movie Poster 1999Mystery Men was one of my favourite movies growing up, and its still great. It follows some not-so-super heroes, who have talents such as being able to go invisible (only when no one is watching), battling with shovels, and being really, really angry.

Sound impressive? They aren’t. But what they are is funny. The dialogue is mostly improvised, so feels fresh and natural, and it’s awesome to watch these misfits try their best to use their rather mediocre powers to battle against Casanova Frankenstein, a rather maniacal fellow with evil in his heart. Hell, with superheroes this mediocre, it’s almost enough for me to go grab a suit and right some wrongs. You also have William H. Macy, one of my favourite actors, playing one of our superheores, and that’s a recipe for a good time right there.

Ben Stiller is Mr. Furious, who gets really angry, William H. Macy as a guy who fights with shovels, Hank Azaria as a guy who can throw silverware really well (except for knives…) and some other “super” heroes with equally uninspiring powers.

Mystery Men is not exactly high class humour, considering that one of the super heroes’ powers is his ability to, well, fart, and lots of the jokes revolve around our heroes yelling and bickering among themselves. Still, I kinda love this Pg-13 rated comedy movie, just for its stupid humor (which Ben Stiller is best at) and the fun of watching the unlikely band of heroes being forced to work together despite their differences. Plus, it’s kind of a nostalgic trip for me to re-watch Mystery Men, as I watched it about… 7 times in my childhood.

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