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Mr. Deeds

mr-deedsMr. Deeds is a classic Sandler film.

It is not going to win any awards, but it will make you laugh. Mr. Deeds is a story of a small town boy who gets pushed into a world of corporate big wigs and sharks when he inherits 40 billion dollars.

Here is our hero and the inevitable love interest

I liked Mr. Deeds, even if the critics brutalized it. It’s one of those classic Adam Sandler movies that portray him as a cool guy just making his way in the world when suddenly…. something amazing happens! Ta-Da he inherits a lot of money… 40 billion, to be precise. The small town boy goes to the big city of New York, and of course the skeezy tabloids all want to get their hands on the story. This is where it starts to turn a little more into a romantic comedy (for dudes) as a tabloid reporter basically gets into a relationship with him to get the scoop… I mean it’s not exactly rocket science to figure out what happens next.

Why is Mr. Deeds on my list of the best comedies of 2002?

While it might seem a little bit straightforward, that’s exactly where Adam Sandler shines. It’s nice to see him back in the good old days where he made a nice, simple film shine with his low key humour and nonchalant self depreciating style. It’s Adam Sandler’s genuine performance that helps this great film make make list of top comedies- also my nostalgia for the days when he was making good movies.

Who would enjoy Mr. Deeds?

This PG-13 comedy movie is a pretty decent comedy, might be fun to watch with older children as well. If you are looking for a straightforward, simple comedy that has Adam Sandler as a very likeable character, then Mr. Deeds is the perfect comedy for you. I mean, this comedy is not going to win critical acclaim or anything like that… it’s just a nice simple movie that has some good laughs in it. Don’t listen to all the haters, it’s worth a watch- it made my list of the best comedies of 2002 for a reason!

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