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Mean Girls

mean-girls-pg13-comedy“Mean Girls” is one of the most quotable staples from my youth, and although I was never a teenage girl and cannot vouch for its accuracy in the day to day affairs of high school hell for girls, I can vouch for its hilarity. It’s the story of Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) who was raised in Africa by a couple of keener zoologist parents who decides to move her from the plains of Africa to the jungle of high school. It’s a look into the class system of high school, the firm divisions between the stoners, the jocks, the nerds, with everyone having a place in a clique that defines high school life. Cady is thrown into the mix, and because she is pretty, she is soon scooped up by the “Plastics”, the popular and seemingly soulless pretty and rich girls. It’s one of the best comedies from 2004 not just because it holds a special place in my heart, but also because it’s just plain funny. It’s also nice to remember a time when Lindsay Lohan was so sweet and pretty.

Linsday Lohan
Remember when Linsday Lohan was so sweet? Nostalgic comedy for sure.

With a new social strata comes new social norms, and Cady finds herself violating unwritten rules and becoming aghast at the manipulative nature of the girls. However, she craves their acceptance and popularity, and begins a descent into plastichood. Gaze long enough into the abyss, my friend, and you will find the abyss gazes back. When you descend into a world full of shadows and knives, you have to adapt quickly or be destroyed- or perhaps the world itself destroys you if you adapt. One thing is for certain- she transforms from an intelligent, kind individual into something that her parents cannot or will not understand.

“Mean Girls” was written by Tina Fey, who is hilarious, though I would question her knowledge of the inner workings of the “popular clique”. (Zing, take that Tina Fey!) Fey also appears as a teacher in the film, and is one of the funniest characters, perhaps only overshadowed by the sex-ed teacher who believes that abstinence is the only way to survive.

PS: Sorry for the zinger Tina Fey, I think you are amazing.

I refuse to call Mean Girls a chick flick because I loved it. So check it out yourself!

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