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Let’s Go To Prison

Let’s Go To Prison is an underrated R rated Prison Comedy

Let’s Go To Prison is a relatively unknown comedy movie that stars Dax Shepard as a felon who has been worked over by the justice system like the side of beef that Rocky trained on who vows revenge against the judge that sent him into the can. When the judge proves out of reach, he sets his sights on the judges son, a rich jerk played by Will Arnett, best known for his role as “GOB” (George Oscar Bluth, Jr.) in Arrested Development. This one is not lighthearted. It has some very tense moments and deals with mature themes. It also has an absolutely terrible rating on RT! It is an R rated comedy.

Will Arnett Let's go to prison comedy

Will Arnett plays the easily hateable son of money very well in Let’s Go To Prison.

It’s possible my review is biased, I love Arrested Development!

If you liked watching Will Arnett in Arrested Development, you are going to like this rather obscure comedy that has been almost universally panned by the critics. You know what? Screw this critics, this movie is funny. Will Arnett plays almost the same character as he does in Arrested Development- hapless and always out of his element. Will Arnett is perfect as the role of Nelson Biederman the fourth, the posh, privileged son of riches who gets thrust into the harsh wheels of the American justice system.


WIll Arnett Prison Comedy

As a prison comedy, “Let’s Go To Prison” has all the required elements, included beat downs and violence. Well that got bleak quickly. “Let’s Go To Prison” does not pretend to be realistic in any way, and the horrors of prison life are parodied and blown out of proportion for a laugh. Nelson Biederman fends of white supremacists and the amorous advances of men much larger and much more violent than himself as he struggles to adapt to his new surroundings.

Rated R Prison Comedy

Things are looking bleak for the fresh meat

In addition to the enormous likelihood of being beaten or stabbed to death, prisoners get to contend with the atrociously violent prison staff and the sadistic head of the prison. I would have liked to see the prison staff developed a little more in this prison comedy, as they are some of the most despicably funny characters in the movie.

Evil Prison Warden Let's Go To Prison

With that smug expression on his face, you can be sure he just witnessed a prisoner being beaten.

“Let’s Go To Prison” does not deserve the bad rap it gets. It’s an obscure comedy that you probably have not seen, and if you enjoy Will Arnett as an actor and as his character in Arrested Development then you will probably like this film. It’s a good comedy all around, and is one of the best prison comedy movies out there.

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