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Johnny English

Rowan Atkinson is awesome in this PG rated comedy – think Mr. Bean meets James Bond!


There is nothing scarier than power in the hands of the incompetent

If you love Rowan Atkinson, you will love Johnny English

Brimming with confidence and exuding incompetence, Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) is the only thing in the path of a devious plot against English. Watch as he bumbles, bustles, and blunders his way through mishap after mishap after mishap. If you are a fan of slapstick comedy, goofiness, and Mr. Bean, you are going to love Johnny English.


Not even the coat hangers are safe when Johnny English is on the job

The prize of England under threat

Nothing says England than the Crown Jewels. Well, tea and crumpets I suppose. And scones. And bad teeth and worse food. And oppressive 16th century capitalism. And chimney sweeps. Oh snap England. Just kidding, you guys are great. Anyways, our hero Johnny English has to defend the Crown Jewels and the honour of England against the prying foreign fingers of those who would wish to bring her down. Can Johnny English keep England safe?


The pride and joy of England. Or so I hear.

Oscar worthy plot and performances

No, just kidding. This movie is not exactly an intellectual piece, nor does it have stunning, heartfelt performances. It is mostly slapstick, the simplest form of comedy. If you enjoy the image of, say, a man getting his pants caught in the bike spokes and falling into a pie cart, you will love this movie. Of course, you can substitute heartfelt performances with beautiful cars and even more beautiful women.


One of the most gorgeous cars around, the Aston Martin DB7 Vantage.


Sticky situations, slick escapades

The only thing Johnny English is better at than getting into awkward, horrible, and downright dangerous situations is getting out of them. With equal doses of confidence and incompetence, Johnny English barges his way through situations by never backing down and never admitting fault. His philosophy in life seems to be fake it till you make it, and by god it works. Oh, and did I mention the beautiful women? Natalie Imbruglia plays the love interest, and boy is she ever stunning.


Head turner Natalie Imbruglia plays the love interest in Johnny English.

Ze stereotypical villain

Is of course present in this film. This comedy reminds me of Austin Powers, though more about slapstick and less about women. It follows the same idea of the spoof of James Bond, and both comedies are great in their own ways. In short, if you are looking to have a goofy and fun time, Johnny English is the perfect film for you!



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