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In Bruges

in-bruges-r-rated-black-comedy-movie-posterTry one of my favourite MOVIES of all time, let alone comedies, and check out In Bruges. This R rated comedy is dark, serious, and funny in that sad way. This movie is not for the faint of heart. It’s got Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson as hitmen who are in Bruges under the order of their boss. Both are tragically funny characters, and Colin Farrell has the most expressive eyebrows I have ever seen… it’s like looking at the darkest reaches of a human soul, except through the eyebrows.

Things are not going great for Ray (Colin Farrell), and it’s sad to watch him… he seems like he is living under the sea. Somehow, the characters keep on trucking along as things go to shit and they have to deal with the consequences of their actions.

What does “In Bruges” leave you with? Some black comedies leave you feeling empty, but this one leaves you feeling full. I still get a sense of wonder when I watch this film, and I watch it often. Some of the most compelling, flawed characters that I have ever seen wrapped up in a bleak situation. This movie has guns, but not in the larger than life, over the top style of some movies. The guns in this movie feel real, and the situations aren’t glamorous or special. There is only one moment of truly heroic action, and it is from an unexpected source, in the midst of all the sorrow and torment.

If you are looking for the best comedies that will uplift you because you are feeling depressed or down, I don’t know if this is the movie for you. It’s bleak and dark, but there is a ray of light that shines through. Check “In Bruges” out, it’s one of my favourites- of any genre.

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