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I Love You Man

I Love You Man Review


Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd), a man with everything- everything except a bro. And what is a man without a bro?

I haven’t laughed so uproariously at a movie in a long, long time. “I Love You Man” is a tale of bromance, a bond stronger than any man and wife, than any father and son, a bond immutable. Paul Rudd plays Peter Klaven, a real estate agent who is set to marry the girl of his dreams- but he doesn’t have a best man to hold the ring. In fact, he is lacking in friends of the male persuasion, relating better to the fairer sex.

While this is all well and good, it’s definitely healthy to have a best friend, and Peter Klaven sets out to find one. He gets off on a rocky start, with miss-intentions and fracas until he bumps into Sydney Fife (Jason Segel) who seems like the perfect fit.


Sydney Fife (Peter Seagal) is the opposite of our protagonist, Peter Klaven. Bold and unrepentant, he shows our hero how to live life.

Peter Klaven’s bumbling attempts at making a male friend are where half of the humour in this film comes from, and the other half is Jason Segel as Sydney Fife, a man who gives absolutely no cares about how the world perceives him. He dresses how he wants, lives how he wants, and is kind to those that know and trust him. However he does have a dark side, which manifests in how he deals with the general populace. Sydney Fife is almost the opposite of Peter Klaven- boisterous and confident, self-reliant and knowing exactly who he is and what he wants.

Sound familiar? Warning: Fight Club spoiler ahead. Peter Klaven loves his life, but he is constantly surrounded by women… could Sydney Fife be a manifestation of his insecurities and fears? Could Sidney be his primal self, finally let loose? Probably not. But what Sidney is is Peter Klaven’s ticket into the bro world, where the beer flows and the air guitar electrifies the air, where no subject is off topic and no deed too big to do for another bro.

“I Love You Man” starts out funny and never plateaus. It has an ending so satisfying that is the icing on a delicious cake. It is possibly the best bromantic comedy, or bromedy, that I have ever seen, and has an awesome performance by one of my favourite actors, Jason Segel. “I Love You Man” has a gross out gag or two, and has a perfect mix of quick comedic gags and longer, fleshed out jokes that run throughout the movie.


Andy Samberg is hilarious as Peter Klaven’s gay younger brother

Andy Samberg is in “I Love You Man” as well, playing Peter Klaven’s gay younger brother. And guess who else is in this comedy? Lou Ferrigno, the man who played “The Hulk”. No kidding.
In short, “I Love You Man” is an awesome comedy that I would recommend to almost anyone. It is on my list of the Best R Rated comedies, and has some drinking, drug use, and sexual content. The sexual content is mostly insinuated or wordplay, not so much nudity. If you are a fan of Jason Segel, you are going to love this movie- but if you happen to not be his biggest fan, this comedy is still worth a watch.

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