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Hot Tub Time Machine

Why is Hot Tub Time Machine one of the best comedies of 2010?

list-of-r-rated-comedies-hot-tub-time-machineHot Tub Time Machine is one of my favourite comedies of 2010 and it made my list of top comedies, because, well, the world needed another great time travel comedy! We’ve all been deprived since the Back to the Future movies, and heck, we needed another. Hot Tub Time Machine takes us back to the 80s, where if you weren’t a business exec doing coke, you weren’t having a good time. All the fashion faux pas, antiquated technology and fear of the Russians as we are brought back to that great old Cold War time.
Do you ever long for the good ol days? Then Hot Tub Time Machine is the movie for you. It’s exactly what you would expect from a movie called Hot Tub Time Machine- it’s a movie about 3 pals who try to recapture their youth by heading to an old party spot in the late 80s, a ski resort where they used to party. The place has gone downhill at about the same rate as their lives, but they truck through and set down to get wasted in a hot tub.. which turns out to be a time machine.

Who are the guys from Hot Tub Time Machine?

The characters are Adam, who is dealing with the aftermath of getting dumped from his girlfriend, Nick, who is stuck in a rut in his employment and has a wife who is not known for her faithfulness, and Lou, who is the worst off of the bunch. He drinks heavily, and ends up trying to off himself- that’s what prompts the trio to go to the old resort to try and relieve a sense of the glory days.

Basically, they look back at their lives, make some important life choices, and- who am I kidding. This movies is basically a trip back into the past and all of the drugs, alcohol, and sex that it was full of. While they are experiencing the past, they have to be careful not to screw anything up for the future- think butterfly effect. They have to tread carefully while they relieve their past- I forgot to tell you, Adam’s younger nephew is brought along for the ride, and since he wasn’t alive in 1986, they have to be careful not to bump him straight out of existence. What does this mean? The trio are stuck reliving the same old mistakes they made in the past… and they are fully aware of it. Watching them have to consciously repeat tragic mistakes is one of the reasons that this film makes my list of top comedies.

It’s an R rated comedy, so it sometimes get a little dark

Okay, so far this movie is sounding pretty dark, eh? Suicidal alcoholic… forced to relieve mistakes of past… don’t worry, it’s funny. In a couple years the topical jokes might get a little worn out, but it’s always funny to see a bunch of losers trying to make things right, and having to deal with unexpected consequences the whole time. If you are looking for top comedies and you want a movie that is funny with a slight dark streak about time travel and the 80s, check out Hot Tub Time Machine. More than that, it’s a movie about trying to fix the mistakes of the past and learning from them. I’d say this is one of those comedies that is funny to audiences both young and middle aged, so do yourself a favour and watch it.

Seen Hot Tub Time Machine already? Leave a comment below on if you think it deserves to be on my list of top comedies!

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