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Hot Fuzz

hot-fuzz-r-rated-action-comedySimon Pegg and Nick Frost in Hot Fuzz movie posterGod damn, Hot Fuzz is a great movie. It changes gears so many times, and builds up to one of the most exciting and satisfying climaxes of any movie I have seen. It’s two main characters are the awesome duo of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, who co-starred in Shaun of the Dead, another amazing comedy. These two work together so well, and fall into their classic dynamic of overachieving Pegg and underwhelming yet good-natured Frost.

Our protagonist and hero is Nicholas Angel, (Simon Pegg) a police officer who is dedicated to the point of being angelic. In fact he is too good, or so his co-workers think. Unfortunately for Angel, his works have made the rest of his police department look bad in comparison, so they ship him out to Sandford, a too-perfect town in rural Gloucestershire. If you have seen “The Wire”, you know the worst place to put a good cop who lives through field work is somewhere where they are never going to see any action. Sandford is absolutely perfect, with no crime, idyllic views, and that homespun country charm that makes it the “Village of the Year” many years running.
Nicholas Angel brings his city style justice to the small town, and starts making waves immediately, making arrests for petty crimes and booking about half the town each night. Course, things seem a little too good to be true in the picturesque town, and soon a series of “accidental” gruesome deaths start to look like they are linked. Can Nicholas Angel and his sidekick Danny (Nick Frost) get to the bottom of things?

Hot Fuzz simon pegg chasin goose
Angel is more used to drug busts than chasing geese

Part crime, part mystery, and all black comedy, “Hot Fuzz” is one of my favourite comedies. It’s a slick film with masterful edits and some great camerawork, but my favourite aspect of the film has to be the attention to detail. Every scene is a double entendre, and the dialogue is ripe with foreshadowing and wordplay.

Every little bit of this movie meshes together so well- the caricatures of detectives with matching mustaches and leather jackets, the crudely sexual female cop, the mystery, the gore, the ending which ties it all together in a way that no one could suspect. Check out Hot Fuzz for yourself, it’s an awesome movie.

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