Highest Grossing R rated Comedies

Highest grossing R rated comedies

Sorry, this list is current only as of 2014. Basically my site got destroyed by evil russian hackers and I am working on getting all the old content back up!

Which R rated comedies have done the best at the box office? The box office for comedies are dominated by family films such as the Shrek trilogy and Toy Story, which have brought in over 400 million each. But R rated comedies have done well at the box office, well enough that they keep being churned out! Here are the top 11 highest grossing R rated comedy movies. I would have done a top ten highest grossing r rated comedies, but I decided to shake things up a little.

1. The Hangover should come as no surprise in the first spot. This 2009 R rated flick starring Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and Justin Bartha is a movie that spawned sequels and propelled the acting career of Zach Galifianakis to legendary comedic status. 277 Million, not bad!

2. What do you think comes second? The Hangover part 2! While this movie was honestly not great, especially when compared to the first, it was still worth checking out and grossed a huge 254 Million at the box office.

3. Ted, released in 2012, grossed 219 in the box office, meaning it has the third spot for R rated comedies. This is top on my list of comedies to watch, but I just have not gotten around to it yet.

4. Clocking in at 209 Million is Wedding Crashers, one of the great films starring the duo of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. These two have a great chemistry together.

5. 22 Jump Street, propelled by the popularity of 21 Jump Street, grossed 191 Million. This is one of those rare times when an incredible comedy makes an incredible sequel. While generally sequels kind of suck for comedies and serve only to squeeze the remaining cash out of films that would have been better off remaining as a one off flick, 22 Jump Street is perhaps the best R rated comedy of 2014.

6. From way back in the day and one of the more serious comedies, Pretty Woman, which came out in 1990 grossed a respectable 178 Million. This is a pretty heartwarming comedy and I recommend it heartily!

7. At 177 million is Tootsie, which I must admit I have not seen. Apparently it is about an actor disguising himself as a woman in order to land a role on a soap opera. This one came out in 1982 and has pretty good reviews, so I might check it out.

8. There’s Something About Mary, which is not only an amazing comedy but also an incredible romance film grossed 176 million. While this one might be a little risque for date night, it’s one of the best romantic comedies around. Ben Stiller, Cameron Diaz and Matt Dillon contribute to make a really wonderful and funny film. I can’t recommend this one enough! It earned every penny of the 176 million.

9. 21 Jump Street comes in at 138 million, staring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum and featuring a hilarious performance by Ice Cube. This is a clever, funny film and I encourage everyone to check it out.

10. Magic Mike, while not wowing the reviewers did well at the box office, bringing in a respectable 114 million and staring Channing Tatum. Every comedy this guy touches scores big at the box office!

11. The Campaign, which got quite overlooked and starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis grossed 86.9 Million dollars. Ugh, I should honestly just keep this guys name in a word folder or something, I have to spell it out so slowly every single time. I have not seen this one but it looks really good!

Anyways, there are the top grossing r rated comedies. I have seen most of these and you should not be squared to watch movies that appeal to the masses, because in this case the masses have good taste!

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