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Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

r-rated-comedy-harold-and-kumar-go-to-white-castleCheck out Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, one of the best stoner comedy films I have ever seen. It starts John Cho and Kal Penn as a pair of stoners who have been pushed around all their lives, and just want some burgers. The two set out for White Castle, but end up getting way more than they bargained for. When you go for burgers, don’t bite off more than you can chew. (bad-joke-eel.jpg)

In this R rated comedy movie, we have a pair of stoners who get into some crazy situations. Whenever things look like they are going to settle down, they escalate exponentially into increasingly dangerous absurdities that the two must overcome. For this review, I’m just going to list some crazy stuff that happens.

Riding Jaguars (not the car)


Neil Patrick Harris

Lots and lots of marijuana

And one of these is even worse.

I’m just going to stop there. Neil Patrick Harris is a god amongst men. If I could party with anyone, Neil Patrick Harris would be at the top of the list. This film is about the two main characters figuring out what they want in life, and how to get it, so there are some lessons to learn in between laughing uncontrollably as the movie goes from funny, to ridiculous, to incredible as the situations get more and more crazy and entertaining. Oh, and did I mention Neil Patrick Harris makes an appearance? Anything with Neil Patrick Harris gets a watch by me.

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