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Happy Gilmore

best-adam-sandler-comedies-pg13-happy-gilmoreHappy Gilmore is on my list of top comedies because it brings back fond memories of the good old days, when you could sit down and watch a *good* Adam Sandler movie. It’s also full of laughs, and has some unexpected plot turns and twists along the way.
Not your average golf player

Check out Happy Gilmore. The year is 1996, when woman were women, men were men, and Adam Sandler made good movies. Happy Gilmore is the story of a failed hockey player who turns out to be great at golf. Basically, the premise is that Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler) is amazing at golf but doesn’t fit into the golf culture of high socks, stuffiness and arrogance. The jokes mostly revolve around the culture clash between a hockey player and a golf player. I’ll admit it, this movie gets on the list of top comedies not just because it is a funny comedy to watch, but because I loved it as a kid growing up- it’s got a special place in my heart.

Anyways, Happy has to play to help his grandmother pay her debt, so he’s basically thrust into the hoighty toighty world of golf. You get to watch the culture shock as he takes the gold world by storm under the expert tutelage of Chubbs Peterson (Carl Weathers)

Ugh, just look at this cocky bastard!

He makes an instant enemy of the easily hate-able Shooter McGavin, who is great fun to root against as the arrogant and annoying golf pro who rails against Happy as everything wrong with the sport. If you just had this, the movie would still probably make my list of top comedies… but it also has Bob Barker in it! I mean, how can you resist Barker? Check out this top comedy movie!

Leave a comment below after you watch the movie to let me know how much you liked it! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised, it’s a great little film with some awesome moments. I hope you will agree it deserves a place on my list of top comedies!

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