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Half Baked

r-rated-stoner-comedy-half-bakedComedies about weed are not exactly hard to find, and Half Baked was okay, especially if you are in the right frame of mind.
Weed makes you paranoid, kids.

Half Baked is a decent movie, but not great. I’ll be honest, I watched R rated comedy when I was a teenager, so the humour might seem a little more juvenile nowadays. I had a lazy teacher in 8th grade, and she let our class bring a movie in one day… got halfway through this stoner comedy before she paid attention enough to turn it off.

You should watch this comedy if:

You like Dave Chappele’s work

You are high right now or plan to be high later

You like Snoop Dog (he makes a guest appearance)

You have a deep appreciation for hijinks and shenanigins

This movie made me laugh when I was younger, and it’s not just because I have stoner friends. Basically, a bunch of stoners have to bail their friend out, and they try to raise the money by illegal means, while smoking plenty of weed themselves. Unfortunately, things are not that easy… I won’t ruin the plot, but basically things get crazy really quick.

If you were pissed when Chappele’s show stopped running, this movie can help salve the wound. I heard, however, that Chappele wasn’t exactly happy with this movie. Still, it has some funny scenes.

Favourite quote:

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you’re cool, and fuck you, I’m out!

This is not one of my best comedies for children, so don’t make the same mistake as my grade 8 teacher!

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