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Grandma’s Boy

stoner-r-rated-comedy-grandmas-boyGrandma’s Boy is a geeky stoner comedy that’s an easy inclusion on my list of the best comedies of 2006. When you hear Grandma’s Boy, well, you might not be expecting a stoner comedy. However, Grandma’s boy is a refreshing comedy about nerds, weed, and awkwardness. There are plenty of hilariously awkward moments, and you will honestly not know whether to cringe or laugh throughout the movie.

What happens in Grandma’s boy?

This film stars Allen Covert, who plays “Alex”, who is single, employed as a video game designer, and ends up living with his Grandmother and her friends. He’s also got a hilarious drug dealer. Now when this might seem like a dull premise, it is actually quite well done. Also, there is a lion at one point in the movie. Yes, a lion. Lion’s are pretty much an insta-addition to my list of top comedies.

The inevitable love interest…

Alex wants a girl, so of course one appears to be won! Samantha is a gorgeous blonde who seems too good to be true. So of course, there has to be an obstacle, in the form of a nerd “genius” who works in Alex’s office- who has delusions of becoming a robot. Strange eh? It’s one of those R rated comedies that is full of everything an R rated comedy is known for… lots of drugs, alcohol, and sexual content.

Why is Grandma’s Boy on my list of the Best Comedies of 2006?

Mostly, because I was really pleasantly surprised by this movie. The characters were likeable and well drawn out, and you could really root for the good guys, which is a great quality for a stoner comedy. Also, I really liked seeing his dealer and his job.

Who would enjoy watching Grandma’s Boy:

Basically, the whole movie sounds strange and weird. However, if you are interested in gaming, stoner comedies, or nerdy types, then Grandma’s boy could be the comedy for you. I was personal pleasantly surprised by the movie.

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