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Dr. Strangelove

doctor-strangelove-move-poster-1964-pg-dark-comedyWhat makes Dr. Strangelove one of the best comedies of 1964?

Well, if you are looking to revisit the nuclear scare in a darkly funny way, then this strange movie could be the perfect comedy for you. It is rated PG but be warned, this one will appeal much more to adults.

What do they call me? Most just call me strange, love.

Ready for the darkest satire of the nuclear scare you will ever see? Check out Dr. Strangelove. The basic plot: crazy general orders nuclear war against the Soviet Union. ****storm erupts as everyone and their dog (namely the president and his advisers) try to stop civilization from exploding into one big mushroom cloud. Oh- by the way, this movie is black and white (how haute culture!)

Oh and guess what? The Soviets have a doomsday device. Yup, if that missile hits, it is lights out for the world. BOOM. Dr. Strangelove, played by Sellers, is one of the best parts of this whole movie… he is a wacky character, very eccentric. Anyways, check this out and revisit the attitude of impeding doom of the nuclear scare that had the whole civilized world under thrall.

Well, if you want to think and get a great historical sense of culture, aint no movie that can do it better than Dr. Strangelove. Be warned- it’s dark as oil on a baby duck.

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