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In Bruges

Try one of my favourite MOVIES of all time, let alone comedies, and check out In Bruges. This R rated comedy is dark, serious, and funny in that sad way. This movie is not for the faint of heart. It’s got Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson…
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Beerfest is probably the best drinking comedy in existence, and it’s a no brainer to be included in my list of top comedies. Oh man, I can tell this one is going to be fun to write about already. So what makes Beerfest so great? Well, it’s…
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The 40-Year Old Virgin

It might be mean to say this, but if you want to feel better about yourself, the 40-Year Old Virgin might be the comedy for you. Steve Carell is at his goofiest, most awkward best in the 40-Year Old Virgin. This is the story of one mans quest…
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Wedding Crashers

Now I’ve only been to one wedding in my life when I was quite young, but if Wedding Crashers is right, they are full of lonely women who want to tie the knot. That’s the premise of “Wedding Crashers”, which has two grown men, John Beckwith…
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Want to watch the best comedy about restaurants and dead end jobs? Well if you have ever worked in either, then you should check out Waiting. Representatives of the front of house I love this movie. It’s about how shitty it is working…
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The best comedies are not always light, and Sideways shows why. This is more than just an amazing comedy, it’s a dark drama that is deep as a mineshaft with one thin ray of light shining down. While there is a lot of drinking in this movie,…
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Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

Check out Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, one of the best stoner comedy films I have ever seen. It starts John Cho and Kal Penn as a pair of stoners who have been pushed around all their lives, and just want some burgers. The two set out…
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Why is Amélie one of the best R rated romantic comedies out there? Isn’t she just the cutest? Because Amélie might just regain your faith in humanity. This french romantic comedy will have you oohing and awwwwwwing in no time flat.…
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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Ah, Fear and Loathing. This film is… strange, to say the very least. It’s a dark, strange trip of a black comedy movie, delving into the darker side of drugs. The paranoia, the strange situations that arise,…
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Swingers One thing I have to say about Swingers, they use the word “Baby” about a million times. Second thing I have to say about Swingers, is it’s a really funny movie. Easily one of the best comedies of 1996, Swingers is about…