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Dr. Strangelove

What makes Dr. Strangelove one of the best comedies of 1964? Well, if you are looking to revisit the nuclear scare in a darkly funny way, then this strange movie could be the perfect comedy for you. It is rated PG but be warned, this one…
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Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Month Python and the Holy Grail is the Holy Grail of jokes that are much better than my stupid puns. So, if you are looking for a top comedy movie to watch, let’s go with a classic tonight! Monty Python and the Holy Grail is awesome, and it…
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Ah Ghostbusters, one of Murray’s best. I feel like for this one, the question should be if you are looking for top comedies to re-watch, because everyone and their dog has seen the awesome comedy Ghostbusters. And if you haven’t, well…
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Airplane Airplane! offers the highest LPM (laughs per minute) of any comedy reviewed on this website. It’s a parody of the disaster film genre, turning a highly stressful situation into fodder for slapstick, puns, and all-too clever witticisms…
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Cool Runnings

Cool Runnings is on my list of top comedies not just because it has laughs, but because it has heart as well. I might be a bit biased towards this movie, as it has a huge nostalgia factor to it. Cool Runnings is one of the clearest memories…
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Bruce Almighty

What makes Bruce Almighty one of the best comedies of 2003? Jim Carrey’s goofiness and Morgan Freeman’s awesomeness! Bruce Almighty is the tale of Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey), a newscaster who ends up getting all the powers of the Almighty. What…
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Small Time Crooks

Small Time Crooks I was told that I needed more Woody Allen on my site! Well, decided to check out “Small Time Crooks”. This 2000 Woody Allen flick was a nice treat. I haven’t seen a film like this in a long, long time. Strange characters…
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Love and Death

Don’t mix Love and Death, he’s no good at holding hands. When you think of Love and Death, you probably think of Sigmund Freud’s theory of the sex and death instinct of humanity. Booya, PHIL 100. Finally coming in useful for something!…
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Johnny English

Rowan Atkinson is awesome in this PG rated comedy - think Mr. Bean meets James Bond! If you love Rowan Atkinson, you will love Johnny English Brimming with confidence and exuding incompetence, Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) is the…