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Old School

Old School Drinking Comedy Review What do you do when life gives you trouble in your mid thirties? Answer: get a party house by a college and relive the glory days. That’s what happens in Old School, where a group of 30 something friends…
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Animal House

Animal House is one of the best comedies of 1970 for its characters Feeling like watching a bunch of misfits that disregard popularity and administration? Animal House is the movie for you. This college gross out comedy has a bunch of…
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American Pie

American Pie is one of the funniest R rated teen comedies around. The famous pie- not just a metaphor for American values. American Pie was that movie that I always wanted to see when growing up, but apparently it was too full of sex and…
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The Hangover

Holy, if any movie deserves to be on my list of top comedies, it’s The Hangover. I love this movie- it’s a movie that I had no idea was going to be so amazing going in. It’s an R rated comedy in every sense of the word, so don’t go into…
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Beerfest is probably the best drinking comedy in existence, and it’s a no brainer to be included in my list of top comedies. Oh man, I can tell this one is going to be fun to write about already. So what makes Beerfest so great? Well, it’s…
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Van Wilder

Van Wilder is known all through campus, and there are longer lines to become his assistant than there are to register at Collidge College, the school that Wilder (Ryan Reynolds) has spent the last 7 years of his life attending. He throws…
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Revenge of the Nerds

Revenge of the Nerds Revenge of the Nerds is a classic college comedy, detailing the struggle between nerds and jocks and satirizing the frat culture of American colleges. It’s the tale of a football playing frat who burn down their…