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The 40-Year Old Virgin

It might be mean to say this, but if you want to feel better about yourself, the 40-Year Old Virgin might be the comedy for you. Steve Carell is at his goofiest, most awkward best in the 40-Year Old Virgin. This is the story of one mans quest…
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Wedding Crashers

Now I’ve only been to one wedding in my life when I was quite young, but if Wedding Crashers is right, they are full of lonely women who want to tie the knot. That’s the premise of “Wedding Crashers”, which has two grown men, John Beckwith…
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Want to watch the best comedy about restaurants and dead end jobs? Well if you have ever worked in either, then you should check out Waiting. Representatives of the front of house I love this movie. It’s about how shitty it is working…
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The Matador

The Matador is the story of an unlikely encounter in Mexico- a hitman realizing he has no one in the world and a struggling business man who needs to make a deal to save his career. It’s the story of two opposites, with Pierce Brosnan playing…