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Why is Amélie one of the best R rated romantic comedies out there? Isn’t she just the cutest? Because Amélie might just regain your faith in humanity. This french romantic comedy will have you oohing and awwwwwwing in no time flat.…
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Wet Hot American Summer

So, you go into this movie thinking you are going to see a standard teenage romance comedy set in that most cliche of places, the summer camp. But something seems a little off from the get go, a little unbalanced. Set in an early 80s Jewish…
Super Troopers Farva Eating Hot Dogs
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Super Troopers

Somewhere in Vermont, there is a stretch of highway kept safe by some of America’s best, most heroic men- those police officers who patrol the highways keeping us safe from speeders, dealers, and vagabonds. These brave souls risk life and…