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I stuck Scream on my list of top comedies because even though it’s a horror movie, it’s a parody of a horror movie. So Check out Scream- if you are looking for a horror as well as a comedy. Now Scream is a different take on a comedy movie,…
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Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore is on my list of top comedies because it brings back fond memories of the good old days, when you could sit down and watch a *good* Adam Sandler movie. It’s also full of laughs, and has some unexpected plot turns and twists along…
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Swingers One thing I have to say about Swingers, they use the word “Baby” about a million times. Second thing I have to say about Swingers, is it’s a really funny movie. Easily one of the best comedies of 1996, Swingers is about…
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Fargo is a dark comedy-crime film, released in 1996 and rated R for obvious reasons. It’s a brutal movie, which starts off… uneasy and descends into… not madness, but psychopathy. It’s a Coen movie, so be aware of what you are getting…
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Note that there are two cuts of this movie, one which is an R rated comedy and one which is a PG13 rated comedy. Even the PG13 rated edition treads the line! Kingpin is a sports comedy that delves into the dark underworld of bowling- the…