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Burn After Reading

Burn After Reading is dark, depressing, and one of the best black comedies of 2008

burn-after-reading-r-rated-black-comedy-movie-poster-2008If you like your comedy like I like my coffee (black), then Burn After Reading is the film for you. It features the memoirs of a former CIA operative going missing, and they pass through the hands of various naive and gullible characters who all get in way over their heads. Each character has their own modest goals, and each are so fully flawed that they feel real.

This dark comedy film shows that Brad Pitt can really act.

Clooney is great as a sleazebag player, Brad Pitt as a naive and hapless personal trainer, and John Malkovich as an alcoholic CIA operative. Each character is wild but believable, as they deal with traumatic situations, the darker side of human nature, and more. You won’t learn anything from this movie, and you might leave feeling empty as well as a sense of wonder. It’s a great story, and the last scene sums it up really well. There are lots of surprises along the way, and this movie keeps you on your toes.

What makes Burn After Reading one of the best R rated comedies?

Well, much of the humour comes from absolutely horrible things happening to the characters, so watch out for some R rated violence and gore. It also has plenty of sex, while not descending into smut. Exactly what you need for one of the best R rated comedies of 2008.

If you want to watch a comedy that is dark and witty, Burn After Reading is the movie for you. Too bad the characters didn’t know the title of the movie they were in…

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