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Bull Durham

Bull Durham Sports Comedy Review

Movie poster Bull Durham sports comediesI don’t follow baseball. I did not know all of the terminology thrown around in Bull Durham. And guess what? I still loved this movie. It knocked my expectations right out of the park in all regards. Bull Durham is the tale of Crash Davies (Kevin Costner), a former big leaguer who is pulled down to the minors to help cool down hot headed pitcher Ebby Calcin Laloosh (Tim Robbins), a pitcher who’s fastball is as hard as it is wild.

The Durham Bulls are not doing so great. They are on a losing streak with no hope in sight, and nothing seems to be going right for them. They shake things up with the new additions, and Bull Durham follows the ups and downs- the realities of sports.

Kevin Costner Bull DurhamWhile Crash is trying to knock some sense into Ebby, he’s dealing with some feelings for Annie Savoy (Susan Sarandon), a metaphysical hippyish temptress who follows the church of baseball. Spouting advice and quoting philosophers, Annie chooses one member of the team to have sex with and mentor during the season.

Watching the players, the fans, I know that Bull Durham has captured the feel of sports. The fanaticism, the superstitions, the love and passion that some people feel for Baseball. Capitalized, not baseball. Baseball, that driving force, that religion, that sport that taps into our primal side. And I am almost jealous, jealous for that defining force in life, that purpose.

bull-durham-sports-comedyWhile I don’t follow baseball, I love seeing a well done sports comedy. This movie was not over the top like sports comedies such as Slapshot and Semi-Pro, and was a little more the feel of the original “The Longest Yard”. Best of all, the jokes and humour of this film felt natural instead of forced. The characters are all flawed in the perfect way, and no one is a hero.

Along with the main storyline, there are plenty of subplots with minor characters who are charming in their own genuine fashions. It was especially crazy to see how much times have changed. Bull Durham is one of my best comedies of 1988, and the smoke filled bars are alien to me.

Bull Durham is an R rated comedy. It’s got a decent amount of sex in it, as well as quite a bit of cursing. Then again, so do real life sports.

Bull Durham is about up and comers, down and outers, and those hanging on to one last season, one last dream. It is about the ups and downs of baseball and the emotional toll of the sport. It is about relationships and faith, skill and superstition, and about the elusive hot streak. Bull Durham is perhaps one of the best sports comedies I have ever seen, as it is hard to find one that does not fall into the same over the top trap for cheap laughs. If you are looking for a genuine sports comedy, check out Bull Durham.
Bull Durham

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