The 1970s was a decade of social, cultural, and political change, a decade who’s specter still haunts our contemporary times. Ha but seriously, it was a lot of drugs, sex, and rock and roll, along with social movements, the hippy peace movement, and rights for groups.

The best comedies of the 1970s all come from this era, and it can be seen throughout in the way people react and talk to each other. It’s really interesting to see the different social situations that arise in the 70s compared to today, and to see where the similarities lie.

Best Comedies of 1970

Here are the best comedies of the year 1970, and by comedies I mean comedy at this point. While M*A*S*H is by its lonesome, it’s well worth checking out for a brilliant satire of the Vietnam war.


Best Comedies of 1974

The Longest Yard

You may have heard of the Longest Yard remake, but the original is superior.

Best Comedies of 1975

Monty Python’s Holy Grail
Love and Death

These two best comedies of 1975 will make you think! Quite a bit of intellectual humour mixed in with the best of low brow fair. Have to say the Holy Grail takes the cake as the best comedy of 1975 though. While Love and Death is good, it is straight up outclassed.

Best Comedies of 1977

Slap Shot

Ha, love Slap Shot. In case you can’t figure it out, it’s about hockey. Has to be the best hockey comedy around.

Best Comedies of 1978

Animal House

I love Animal House! It’s the quintisential college comedy that has so many imitators that can’t quite capture the originality and novelty of this one. Unless of course there were more college comedies that influenced this one, in which case I am talking out of my ass. Hey, I’m not a film studies major!

Well, there you have it, my rather sparse list of the best comedies of the 1970s. I’ll have to add to this as soon as I can find the time! I have really been neglecting this website as pressures of school, work, and life in general take precedence. Still, for those looking for some older films, this list should be a good little starting guide to the best comedies of the 1970s. Hope it helps!