Choosing a comedy can be as simple as deciding what rating you want- R, PG13, PG, or G. I currently have sections for R and PG13, and am working on PG and G.

Best R Rated Comedies

R rated comedies are known for nudity, drug and alcohol use, and violence. The best teen comedies, black comedies, and romantic comedies often fall into this section. I especially love R rated comedies because they can be far more bold than others. While this can descend into vulgarity, sometimes life really is vulgar, and being able to portray it can make a much more realistic comedy.

Best Rated PG13 Comedies

PG13 comedies are sometimes meant for a younger audience, but are often just as funny (or better) than R rated comedies. Some of the best sports comedies and films from my childhood belong in this section.

I didn’t want to make one page that had all the best comedies by rating as the list is just too huge! That’s because, well, every comedy is rated to putting them on seperate pages is easiest. So far my list of the best R rated  comedies is the largest, as I find that the best comedies around are those that do not have to censor themselves as much. Life is definitely not pg13! That said, I have compilled a lot of the best pg13 comedies as well, and these ones tend to be less gratuitous and a lot more heartwarming in general.

I’d have to say to take my list of the best pg 13 comedies with a grain of salt… a lot of them are my favourites from when I was younger, that I watched time after time. Back in the day we couldn’t stream from the newfangled internet, so when you found a good VHS filmd, you stuck in in your VHS player and watched it over and over again. The pg13 comedies are definitely a trip down memory lane for me.

You will notice the ommision of G and pg rated films at this point! I do apologize, I simply haven’t gotten around to it. I am taking 5 courses, working one physical job and one writing job, and those take up a lot of my time! When I started writing for work it started to get hard to write articles for my own site, since I can get money in the bank from writing for other people’s sites whereas this one is faaaaar from a goldmine. Still, it’s fun to go back to, and I’ll try to get those other lists up as soon as I can.

My demographic for this site tend towards those in my age group, 18-24, so I’m sure it is far more useful to have lists of the best pg13 comedies and the best R comedies rather than pg and g. Of course, many of us have an appreciation for such fine works as Finding Nemo, Toy Story, and Monsters Inc, which I am sure have plenty of jokes that flew far over our heads when we were younger.

Anyways, hope my lists help you!