This list of classic comedies is full of comedy movies that have stood the test of time. There are many definitions what a classic comedy is, and classic comedies cover a huge range of years and genres. These are the comedies that defined genres, took a snapshot of an era, and made whole generations laugh.

Animal House (2007)
Rating: 87%

Animal House drinking comedy movie list

Animal House is the college comedy that, in my opinion, influenced the genre the most, making it a classic comedy. This movie not only cemented the genre, it paved the way for a generation of stars. This is an R rated college comedy with plenty of drinking and rampant debauchery, so be warned! This movie has some of the most iconic characters of any comedy movie in existence. It’s a perfect battle between preppy rich kids and the outcasts who still manage to have an awesome time by creating their own fraternity. Of course, this classic also involves a much hated dean who wishes to end the frat once and for all…

1927 College (Starring Buster Keaton)

College is the tale of a scholar who tries to reinvent himself as an athlete in college to get the girl. This is the first silent film I have ever seen, and it’s awesome because you can talk throughout the movie and not miss anything. Full of slapstick humour and old timey fun, I thoroughly enjoyed this predictable yet charming comedy with its simple plot and slapstick humour.

1964 Dr. Strangelove

Dr Strangelove, or “How I learned to stop worrying and love the atomic bomb” is the funniest comedy about impending nuclear holocaust in existence. Stanley Rubrick’s classic cold war comedy shows the political misteps of big egos living in the era of the deadliest game of chicken in the history of the world.

1970 M*A*S*H

M*A*S*H is a dark satire of the Vietnam warm taking place in the Korean War but implicitly about Vietnam. It shows the hijinks of three superbly talented army surgeons who get away with drinking, womanizing, and all sorts of sins because of their abilities with the knife. It’s witty, hilarious, and a commentary all in one, making it a classic comedy.

This list of classic comedies is far from complete. I will be delving into black and white comedies and adding them to my list as soon as I finish them. Is your favorite classic comedy missing from the list? Take the time to write a comment below of what I am missing, and I will watch and write about it makes the cut.