Not all comedies are alike, and many subgenres have sprung up encompassing different themes and attitudes in comedies. So far, I have separated my comedies into action, black, romantic, and sports. The best comedies by genre have, at their hearts, a certain critique or understanding of the societies they portray. By clicking on each section, you will be taken to my complete list of comedies for that particular genre.

Best Action Comedies

When you want a high octane thriller packed as full of laughs as explosions and fistfights, you are going to want to check out my list of the best action comedies. From Kung Fu to car chases, this section is sure to scratch your action itch. Because these comedies are full of action, I suggest watching them when you want to get pumped up!

Best Black Comedies

Life sometimes seems cruelly random, and there are two ways to deal with it- laugh or cry. Black comedies are all about the lighter side of the absurdities of life, poking fun at often taboo subjects. You have to feel sorry for the characters trapped in these films! These movies are not going to be uplifting. They are going to be cruel and full of bitter laughs. These could be great comedies for when you are in a morose mood and want to experience it to the fullest. If you want to snap out of a funk, don’t use black comedies for it!

Best Romantic Comedies

Ooh lala, does someone have a date? Romantic comedies are not just for sharing with someone special, however, as they often poke fun at the game of love. Romantic comedies are tales of heartbreak and redemption, of losers fighting to get the girl and the smug sleazebags that stand in their way. This is one of my favourite genres, because romantic comedies can just as easily be touching and meaningful as vulgar and crude. The great thing about romantic comedies is that they are so light compared with your standard romance. The bad guys are usually over the top and ridiculous, and it’s so enjoyable watching the hero finally succeed!

Best Sports Comedies

Sports are an emotional deal. Riots have started over wins and loses, and people have even been shot for letting down their team. Sports comedies embellish and poke fun at the institute of sports and the athletes the institution creates, but can also really have you rooting and cheering for your team to win. Underdogs facing huge odds, old players with one last shot, and unethical athletes trying to find redemption are all staples of this genre.

Best Classic Comedies

Classic Comedies are comedies that define an era. They are simply the most iconic films of each decade. Classic comedies shape future movies. These are the comedies that are going to be quoted over, and over, and over again. The absolute “must watch comedies” of each year.

So there you have it, my list of comedies divided up by genre. In the future, I will be adding more genres such as slapstick and parodies.