The Best Adam Sandler movies will have you roaring in laughter

Adam Sandler is an incredible comedic actor. He’s got great acting chops, but the easy, massive paychecks that he secures from producing brainless (but still funny) comedies that can spawn sequels with his buddies has guided his career into a direction where he doesn’t often get to show what he is capable of. Our list of the best Adam Sandler movies has some of his classic raunchy, immature fare along with some intelligent movies you would never think of when you picture a Sandler comedy.

the-wedding-singer-pg13-comedyJustComedies Rating: 91% – Top Rated Comedy!
Full Review: The Wedding Singer
Subgenre: Romantic Comedy
Runtime: 1hr35m
Comedy Movie From: 1998
Cast: Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore

The Wedding Singer is not your usual Sandler fare. Instead of being filled to the brim with grossout gags and immature humour (which, face it, is well done by Sandler) it is a sweet, almost sappy romantic comedy.

This great Adam Sandler movie follows a wedding singer with a vulnerable heart. It’s a good romantic comedy, and a great Adam Sandler movie.


JustComedies Rating: 88%
Full Review: Happy Gilmore
Subgenre: Sports Comedy
Runtime: 1h30m
Comedy Movie From: 1996
Cast: Adam Sandler, Christopher McDonald, Julie Bowen

What do you do when you can’t make it to the NHL? Put those hockey skills to work on the green. The snooty golfers do not enjoy the brash young former hockey player with a natural talent for driving the ball to the hole.

He has one chance to stop his mother from losing her home. Win a golf tournament and make enough to save the family home – and if he’s lucky, get the girl along the way.

punch-drunk-love-r-rated-comedyJustComedies Rating: 84%
Full Review: Punch Drunk Love
Runtime: 1h34m
Subgenres: Dark Comedy, Black Comedy, Romantic Comedy
Comedy Movie From: 2009
Cast: Adam Sandler, Emily Watson, Philip Seymour Hoffman

This is not your classic Adam Sandler film. While many of the other top rated Adam Sandler movies on the list of the best Adam Sandler comedies rely on his classic, immature brand of humour, Punch Drunk Love stands above the rest in terms of being a dark, intelligent comedy drama and a damn good romantic comedy as well.

If you want to see what Adam Sandler is actually capable of, this movie is a great one for his fans and those that want to see the other side to Sandler. He plays a lonely, emasculated man who runs a novelty supply store. He wants to find love, but his attempts are fumbles.


JustComedies Rating: 82%
Full Review: Billy Madison
Subgenre: Just plain comedy!
Runtime: 1h30m
Comedy Movie From: 1995
Cast: Adam Sandler, does it even matter who else? Fine,  Darren McGavin, Bridgette Wilson-Sampras

When you don’t have to work for anything in your life, can you blame Adam Sandler’s character for loafing around, enjoying the life of leisure? After he crosses the line one time too many, he is getting booted out of the inheritance.

He has one way to stay in the will. Prove himself by finally graduating high school. This PG13 Adam Sandler film is a classic Sandler gem. It isn’t a critics top choice. But it is an all around solid Adam Sandler comedy.


JustComedies Rating: 67%
Full Review: Mr. Deeds
Subgenre: Classic Sandler Comedy (Isn’t sappy, but could be considered a romantic comedy as well)
Runtime: 1h37M
Comedy Movie From: 2002
Cast: Adam Sandler, Winona Ryder, John Turturro

How the hell did an Adam Sandler film rated 22% make it onto this list of the best Adam Sandler movies? Well, if you gave a damn about the critics opinions, you probably wouldn’t be looking for Adam Sandler movies!

This is a classic Adam Sandler movie. It follows a goofy, simple man (play by your favourite comedic actor) who lives and works in a small town. He gets the surprise news that he is the long lost heir to a massive fortune! Soon, Adam Sandlers realizes that Biggie Smalls was right all along – Mo’ money, mo’ problems.

What makes Adam Sandler so great?

Sandler is the king of PG13 comedies. Born in 1996 on Sept 9th in NYC, Sandler only started acting in films in 1989. In the 90’s, he claimed the PG13 comedy crown with greats like Happy Gilmore and The Wedding Singer. His films are a sure bet in the box office and his fans love everything he produces.

Recently, he has produced brainless comedies such as Jack and Jill (Where he plays a pair of twins, one a woman), Grown Ups, Grown Ups 2, and soon, Grown Ups 3. I’ll admit it. His recent comedy fare is my guilty pleasure. No matter how bad the movies he stars it, no matter how terrible I know they are in my heart, I cannot help but laugh at his goofy brand of humour. It’s easy to see that he is producing films for a quick payday for him and his buddies, but hell, who can blame him?

The list of the Best Adam Sandler movies is always growing!

This list is far from complete. Due to evil hackers, I lost quite a bit of my website content (it’s a long story). I will be adding more of the best Adam Sandlers movies as I watch them to make the list bigger and better with time!