Best Comedies by your favourite actors and actresses

We all have our favourites actors. Sometimes we are in the mood for an immature Adam Sandler flick. Other times, we want the over the top laughs of a Jack Black film, or the ridiculousness of Will Ferrell. We do apologize here at JustComedies. We are just getting started on this part of the site, and so far are a bit lacking in the amount of lists we have by actor! We will be working to get the best comedies up for you.

Best Adam Sandler Movies

Sandler is the king of PG13 comedies, but he also has some of the greatest R rated comedies around. This goofy, no limits comedic master has put out an incredible amount of hilarious films. Our list of the best Adam Sandler movies covers his greatest comedies ever made. From his performance as a hockey player turned golfer in Happy Gilmore to his troubled, bizzare persona in Punch Drunk Love, Sandler has produced some absolute comedic greats.

Best Seth Rogen Movies

Seth Rogen has starred in some of the funniest movies of all time. Often, his brand of comedy is raunchy, geeky, or follows the antics of stoners. You probably know Seth Rogen from some hilarious stoner comedies.

Rogen was born in Vancouver BC (represent!) in 1982 and has had an amazing career. If you want a funny Rogen comedy, then check out our list of the Best Seth Rogen Movies.

Again, so sorry. This page is still getting worked on! Soon we will have the best movies by your favourite actors, and I am sorry in the interim that the site is so bare bones.