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best-drinking-comedy-beerfest-rated-rBeerfest is probably the best drinking comedy in existence, and it’s a no brainer to be included in my list of top comedies. Oh man, I can tell this one is going to be fun to write about already. So what makes Beerfest so great? Well, it’s got girls and booze, but that’s not all. Okay, that’s mostly all, but it was enough to keep me laughing the entire 117 minute run time which I estimate features about 3 standard drinks per minute, 2 naked breasts (on the unrated version) per 15 minutes, and a combined level of debauchery able to kill 14 African elephants.

What is Beerfest? A sick drinking comedy.
Beerfest American Team list
The good guys!

Beerfest is just awesome. It’s the tale of two brothers who go to Germany to bury their grandfathers ashes in the fatherland, only to discover the magical, dark underbelly of Oktoberfest… BEERFEST. Unfortunately, the brothers (Erik Stolhanske, Paul Soter) don’t do so well their first time around, and get disgraced and have shame dumped upon their family name. The brothers have to make a team to compete in order to win some honour for their dear old deceased gramps, and to avenge the butt-kicking they received when they got drunk (drank?) under the table by a team of Germans. Check out the team they form up to realize why this movie is on my list of the best comedies.

The Beerfest team

Jan and Todd: the brothers and leaders of the team.

Cast of Beerfest Landfill
All I want to do is eat hotdogs and drink beer- Landfill

Landfill: Huge, over the top. This guy likes beer, steaks, beer, and more beer. Beerfest is his holy land, and you can see it in his training. He is the brawn of the team. In fact, this guys first name should be Beerfest and his last name Landfill: Beerfest Landfill.

Fink: The brains of the operation. This Jewish scientist knows the ins and outs of beer…. he’s really over the top Jewish. Brace yourself for some Jewish-related humour.

Barry: The raw skill and talent of the operation. Oh, and he fell on some pretty tough times before being recruited… It’s funny, don’t worry. He’s got the reflexes of a cat and the nimbleness of a mongoose.

Their opponents- the Beerfest Germans

Beerfest german team drinking list
The opposition, stereotypically conniving Germans

Who are they up against? Conniving Germans, of course! Drawing on the good old stereotypes of Germans as evil masterminds, we have a detestable team of Germans who provide some devious competition. They will stop at nothing to defeat the brothers who are hellbent on returning for the next annual festival- this time with their drinking crew. Fair haired and black-hearted, these German’s are the quintessential German villains.

I don’t know what’s best about Beerfest, the situations, or the characters. I think it must be how the ridiculous characters deal with the ridiculous situations, and that is why Beerfest is on my list of the best comedies of 2006. You’ve got situations like… ah it’s hard to explain without spoiling anything, just watch the damn movie. It’s got drinking games, partying, naked women, and lots lots more. And when I say it has drinking games, I don’t mean sitting around and sipping, I mean drinking. Beer pong, signs, quarters, and of course, DAS BOOT. Das Boot is the final challenge, which will take all of their intellect and beer drinking skills to defeat. I caution you, please do not try to recreate any of the stunt and games played in this movie, as you will surely perish.

Why is Beerfest on my list of the best comedies of 2006?
If you are looking the best comedies, and you want to see a drinking extravaganza that just doesn’t stop, then check out Beerfest. It’s got drinking games, drinking songs, drinking wenches- basically, drinking everything. Not the highest-brow humour, but it excels as low brow fare. Grab the unrated version if you like to see excessive amounts of naked women. This is the exact type of movie which is perfect for having a few brews, eating lots of greasy food, and chilling with the bros. When you don’t want to have to think, just watch Beerfest.

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