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Animal House

Animal House is one of the best comedies of 1970 for its characters


Animal House in a nutshell

Feeling like watching a bunch of misfits that disregard popularity and administration? Animal House is the movie for you. This college gross out comedy has a bunch of up and coming stars who mash together to form a wild ride of a comedy. If you have seen more recent college comedies, you should check out this classic.

I’m not going to lie and say this movie is a work of intellectual genius. It’s not. But what it is is a fun story about fighting against hoity toity frats and being with people who appreciate you as you are- while being full of cheap jokes and gross outs. Example: Bluto (John Belushi) doing his impression of a zit. Classic.

This movie stars Thomas Hulce and Stephen Furst as buddies who are new to college and want to join a frat, and both are decent actors playing decent characters. Of course, they are overshadowed by the great characters of this film: Bluto and D-Day.

Why should you watch this movie? Because there is nothing better than watching stuck up, arrogant preppy kids get theirs! Also: TOGA TOGA TOGA TOGA! So many pranks, so many parties. Once these guys get started, they just don’t stop- even when they get stuck in some sticky situations.

Animal House is one of the best R rated comedies around- watch out for gross out gags

I’m not usually a huuuge fan of gross out comedies, but this one makes my list of top comedies because it has more than just cheap laughs.

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