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American Pie

American Pie is one of the funniest R rated teen comedies around.
The famous pie- not just a metaphor for American values.

funniest-r-rated-comedies-american-pieAmerican Pie was that movie that I always wanted to see when growing up, but apparently it was too full of sex and drugs to be allowed to. This R rated comedy movie is about 4 friends who make a solemn promise to each other to lose their virginity before the end of high school. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as they think it will be, and each character runs into different problems to overcome to land a girl. This film is full of hilarious sexual humor and gross out jokes, but it does more than that- there are actually lessons to be learned from this movie. It seems like, in western society, there is a huge pressure, especially on young men, to lose one’s virginity as a right of passage. Sex is seen as a milestone, but one that is almost void of emotion, a simple check of the list of becoming a man. American Pie, for all its crudities, has a deeper story to tell. But don’t worry- this film is far from preachy, and is the classic teen comedy movie which I base all others against.

American Pie is more than just gross out jokes- some even call it a romantic comedy

“American Pie” has some beautiful girls, a lot of drinking and partying, and all the awkwardness and hormones that a coming of age high school film is bound to have. This R rated comedy delivers on the laughs, even if it stoops to gross out jokes quite often. It’s worth watching for the diverse cast, some of which feel like people that you knew from high school, and some who are embellished caricatures of cliques and stereotypes. It’s got new love, and teens understanding and learning the difference between love and lust. This is the classic coming of age teen comedy, with all the elements of success.

Who’s the funniest character in American Pie?
Ah, you could cut the awkwardness with a knife

It has to be Jim Levenstein’s dad, played by Eugene Levy. He is good-natured but comes across as horrible awkward when he tries to give his son advice in life and in sex. Most people can relate to the cringe worthy situations we were put through dealing with our parents, but Jim’s dad takes the pie. For those with children of their own, I suggest watching this movies to get tips on embarrassing your teenagers.

“American Pie” is about the pressures of acceptance, and the huge stigma there is about losing your virginity in America (and in many places in the world). Watching “American Pie”, however, you can be forgiven if you are too busy laughing your ass off to realize you are learning life lessons as you watch the film.

American Pie is an R rated comedy though

So warning: some pretty gross scenes in this movie. I would not recommend this film for children, even though my past self would curse me for propagating such restrictions. Still, when you think your son or daughter is old enough to actually get something out of this film, I’d suggest letting them watch it. We have a sexualized culture, one which seems to value purity in women as much as it mocks virginity in men, and this movie has a few things to say that will be lost in the sex and drugs on those too immature to appreciate the message behind the film.

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