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Why is Amélie one of the best R rated romantic comedies out there?

Isn’t she just the cutest?

best-r-rated-romantic-comedies-amelieBecause Amélie might just regain your faith in humanity. This french romantic comedy will have you oohing and awwwwwwing in no time flat. Starring Audrey Tautou as the adorable Amélie, you would have to have a heart made of icy stone not love this movie. Honestly, whenever I see the cover of this movie I smile- she has such a cute, mischievous smile. The whole movie, you just want things to work out for her, and there are plenty of laughs all the way. This movie is well worth watching even if you don’t speak french, through the magic of subtitles.
Amélie has some underwhelming experiences with romance.
Amélie is the most beautiful and touching romantic comedy to exist.

It’s unlike other rom-coms which can feel forced and unrealistic with glamorous leads and Hollywood situations. Amélie is the story of a young lady named Amélie, who is a shy and modest waitress in a cafe in Paris. Her eccentric parents thought she had a heart problem, and so kept her secluded from the world, which led to her imagination blossoming and her social skills lessening. After a few romantic encounters that did not end well, Amélie finds her own quiet “happiness” in letting her imagination run free. She spends her time in solitude, skipping stones and enjoying the simple pleasures in life. A chance event leads her to help an old man, a painter, and seeing his happiness she finds a purpose in life. She starts to plan up clever, elaborate ruses to make those around her happier, becoming a cupid to set up those who should be together, and a secret helper to help others find their purpose and achieve their dreams. While Amélie’s clever ruses make others around her happier and fill her delight, she neglects her own heart in the process. Her shyness is debilitating, and it is much easier for her to help and watch from the sidelines than to get involved in the messy business of relationships herself, and it will take the help of the first old man she helped to realize that she needs to go out and find her own happiness as well.
With wide eyes and a cheerful smile, Amélie makes her way through life in Paris

Why Amélie is on my list of the best comedies of 2001

Amélie stresses the romantic in romantic comedy, but it is still funnier than most comedies out there. There is plenty of humour to be found as she goes on an epic journey to find true happiness and love, some of it coming from her witty and off-kilter observations on life, and much of it from her schemes to make people happy. Watching this movie is like looking at the most adorable pictures of animals on the internet, but better. That’s right, better! It’s an R rated comedy, but it’s not full of gross out gags or anything like that- I personally don’t think it should be rated R at all.

Honestly, out of all the women in romantic comedies… I think Amélie might be my favourite. It’s impossible not to fall in love with her character. It’s also nice to see a romantic comedy that stars a lady! So many have a man chasing a woman. In short, Amélie is a beautiful movie, and is one of the most artistic and meaningful comedies you will ever see. I can’t recommend Amélie enough!

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