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21 Jump Street

funniest-r-rated-comedy-21-jump-street21 Jump Street was hilarious, but also very topical. The way fads and trends change, in 5 years the high school world will change unrecognizably once again. 21 Jump Street stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as a pair of inept cops (more like 21 Chump street, amirite?) who’s one skill is their youthful visages. The two graduated in the same high school, and while Morton (Jonah Hill) was a complete nerd, Greg (Channing Tatum) was a popular jock. Now, the two must return to the high school world again in order to take down a drug ring of a new, dangerous drug that has already claimed one victim before it spreads to other campuses.

The unit? 21 Jump Street, lead by Captain Dickson (Ice Cube). The two hapless cops find themselves in a confusing world as everything they knew about highschool is flipped on its head in just 7 years since they graduated together. Tolerance is now cool, sweet cars are now seen as ecological nightmares, and trying your best to succeed is now the norm. The students are left wing to the extreme, and aren’t afraid to push their views down the throat of anyone who differs.

Jonah Hill Channing Tatum police officers 21 jump street
Together in the force

While some of the police work is a little questionable (watching The Wire has made me an expert on the legality of wire taps and other police work), the movie isn’t trying to take itself seriously. The third wall is bent to the point of breaking, and the actors are so old as to be comical in a high school setting.

The actors playing the teens?

Jonah Hill (28)
Channing Tatum (32)
Dave Franco (27)
Brie Larson (22)

21 Jump Street is definitely worth watching, but it’s not exactly a comedy that you take anything home from. The characters are mostly caricatures, but “21 Jump Street” thrives on its jokes and visual appeal. I am actually going to watch the show “21 Jump Street” from the 80s because the concept is interesting even for a serious series… and I kind of want to see how high school was back then. 21 Jump Street is a rated R comedy, probably for the gore, sexuality, and drug and alcohol use. Can’t exactly blame the MPAA on this one.

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