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You asked what comedy movie to watch. We have the answers. Justcomedies sorts the best comedies by genre, rating, and year, and we help you decide what to watch. If you are stuck searching for an awesome comedy, Justcomedies has got your back. My reviews are created to give you a good sense of what the comedy movie is all about. There’s a huge difference in style between, say, the slapstick of Airplane! and the dark humour of Dr. Strangelove. There’s plenty of great comedy movies out there, and you just have to choose the perfect one for how you are feeling tonight.

I know I have found myself sitting wondering what comedy movie to watch, and no matter how hard I search nothing quite tickles my fancy. That’s why we have the most complete lists of the best comedy movies around!

Best comedy movies by rating

Sometimes we are in the mood for a tamer comedy, and sometimes for a raunchy, booze and alcohol filled fest! The first thing you want to do is decide if you what rating you want your comedy to have. So far, we have lists of the best R rated and PG13 rated comedies. We will be expanding into PG and G in the future!

Best R Rated Comedies

Best R Rated Comedies

R rated comedies allow for an uncensored brand of humour (as well as liberal viewing of the human form). The best R rated comedies use the freedom of the R rating without abusing it. However, that’s not to say that low-brow humour doesn’t have its place, it just shouldn’t be relied on. Most of my favourite comedies are R rated. Some comedies get the R rating almost by accident, simply because the subject matter of the film demands the freedom of the rating to be able to fully explore the topics. Other movies flat out seek out the R rating! When a filmmaker sets out to write the lewdest, most over the top film they can, you better believe it isn’t going to be PG13.

Best PG13 Rated Comedies

Best PG13 Rated Comedies

PG-13 comedies can’t rely on the same sort of boozy nudity for cheap laughs as R rated comedies can. The constrictions of the PG13 rating can either limit a film or set it free of the kind of low brow humour that drops it down to the gutter in terms of quality. When you can’t rely on nudity, you need to… well, actually, a lot of PG13 films will end up using fart jokes and toilet humour!  Tthere are quite a few immaturely humourous films (which often seem to star Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller), so you can’t take the moral high ground with a PG13 film.

Best comedy movies list by subgenre

Want a good comedy movie to watch? The first thing to do is pick your subgenre. There is a huge difference between a rom com and a black comedy, one filled with love and the other with bleak, dark humour. Sometimes we are in the mood to be uplifted. Sometimes we are in the mood to laugh and cry. And sometimes we just want to sit back and be entertained without having to think!

List of the Best Romantic Comedies

List of the Best Romantic Comedies

Rom coms range from sappy to silly, and I have compiled a list from Amelie to the Wedding Singer. Some of these romantic comedies are serious with melancholy moments, and others have the right guy getting the girl (from the jerk!). Romantic comedies have a huge focus on the laughs, but at their core you need a really strong love story to pull it off.  Many different comedies have a love interest and a romantic subplot. Actually, pretty much all of blockbuster hollywood comedies are going to have a love story in them! Check out my full list of the best romantic comedies.

List of the Best Action Comedies

List of the best action comedies
Action Comedies are for when you can’t decide if you want to laugh or watch things blow up and people beat each other senseless. Bringing together the best of both worlds, these action comedies don’t have a slow minute, or even a slow second! Jam packed with fistfights, explosions, and blazingly fast car chases.


List of the Best Sports Comedies

List of the best sports comedies

The best sports comedies manage to combine all the excitement of intense sports dramas with some lighthearted fun. From hockey to football, there is something a little ridiculous and gladiatorial about the status that sports players get, and the real emotional investments that are put into sports by the players and all the fans. Sports comedies laugh at the absurdities, often providing tongue in cheek portrayals of the strange characters that sports create. Of course, there’s nothing stranger than reality when you consider the sports world!

List of the Best Black Comedies

List of the Best Black Comedies

Black comedies are relentless. They are the darkest, most satisfying genre of comedy, poking fun at the morbid realities of our lives. When it’s laugh or cry, black comedies choose laugh. Most of these movies won’t leave you with a warm tingling feeling, and will probably make you feel quite hollow. Be warned!

That isn’t all the lists we have. No way! I’m working on getting the best comedies by year. I’ll be updating the home page to include this, but in the meantime feel free to check out the top of the site where you will find all of my lists of the best comedy movies.

Anyways, grab yourself some popcorn and check out my lists of all the best comedies the world has to offer. The list is always growing, so come back often to check out my newest reviews and additions to my lists!

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